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Primary Literacy Resources

Below are free primary literacy teaching resources for teachers in UK schools at KS1 and KS2 level to help you save time spent on lesson planning. Primary school English teachers may find these websites useful for developing their own literacy lesson plans or for signposting their pupils to innovative online content.

Key Stage 1

The CVC Words Practise Consonant - Vowel - Consonant or CVC words with the BBC website. These phonic knowledge exercises can assist with the National Literacy Strategy Framework's Year 1 Term 1 objectives.

Learn the English Alphabet on interactive Flash pages of the NGfL site. Pupils can see the letters and listen to how they are pronounced to help improve knowledge of the alphabet.

Look, Say, Cover, Type and Check or LSCTC Spelling Tests from Crickweb. LSCTC is a fun, interactive way for kids to practise spellings with flash cards.

The Consonant Spelling Game 'Cluster Buster' is another fun game that kids can use to practise consonants. Resources like this can help pupils to improve their English language skills without noticing!

The PBS Kids site has a Blending Words Game that asks kids to choose letters and mix them together to make words.

Key Stage 2

The Hemscott site includes printable spelling worksheets that can be used as additional teaching materials, for parents to assist their children, or for adults who wish to improve their English skills.

SpellAnywhere offers online spelling tests that can be integrated into school websites. They can be used as additional materials for teachers or by pupils for independent learning.

Learn about plurals on the BBC Skillswise section for literacy.

Quia has a section for compound words - ie words that are made up of two or more words.

Improve your basic grammar skills by learning about nouns and verbs on the Grammar Gorillas section of Fun Brain.

We hope you find these free teaching resources for English teachers very useful for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 literacy lesson plans.

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